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UpdatedWednesday June 30, 2021 byGilbert American Little League.

FALL 2021 is an open boundary season.  All games are played at Crossroads Park.  

Gilbert American Little League Fall registration will begin on July 1, 2020.  Fall Ball uses your Spring 2022 League age for division placements.  Once a division is full, we will use a waiting list.  If a team is bringing in a full roster, all players must register individually.

- Regular registration will take place between the dates of July 1 - Aug 1st.

- Late Registration fee of $20 will be added to registrations beginning August 2nd.

*Please note registration fees are non-refundable once teams are formed.  Prior to teams forming there will be a $10 processing fee for refunds. 


T-Ball $130/player (ages 4-6)

Farm $130/player (ages 6-8)

Rookie $160/player ages (8-9)

Minors AA and Minors AAA $160/player (ages 9-11)

Majors $160/player (ages 11-12)

Juniors $160/player (ages 12-15)

Registration fees include a shirt and hat for every player.  We offer sibling discounts when registering at the same time.

Spring 2022 is a boundary season.  Please check to make sure you are in our boundary.

Our boundary is roughly South of Baseline Rd to North of Hunt Highway.  East of Val Vista Rd to West of Higley Rd.  The player's home address or school must be located within our boundaries for the Spring baseball season. 

​FAQ's about Registration.

  • ​​Do I have to live within boundary for Spring Baseball?
    • ​​Yes, or your school must physically be within our boundary to play Spring with us.
  • Can I request a friend or coach in Spring Baseball?
    • ​We allow friend/coach requests for T-Ball and Farm divisions only.  We attempt to honor these requests but they are not guaranteed.
    • We will allow and attempt to honor one friend request at the Rookie division.
  • What is tryouts/draft?
    • ​All players ages 8 and older (Rookie - Juniors divisions) will tryout.  The managers will be watching the tryouts and will draft their team based on these tryouts.  Every players will be placed on a team - there are no cuts.  Juniors tryouts will be held after the Junior High School tryouts in February.​
  • What paper work do I need to bring to my player's tryout?
    • ​We require verification of paperwork every year.  You must bring the player's birth certificate, and a copy of a utility bill with your home address.  If you are playing on a school waiver, we require you to bring the waiver signed by the school and/or a current report card.
  • I brought all that paper work last year, do I really need to bring it again?
    • ​Yes, we verify it every year.

League Age Chart 2022

Fall Ball 2021

*Fall Ball Registration*
Fall season uses Spring 2022 baseball ages. Please refer to our baseball chart for those league ages.

2 weeks of practice followed by games. League will make all attempts to honor individual team coach/friend requests... NONE are guaranteed.

League WILL honor entire team entries MAX 12 PER TEAM - each player needs to register independently and link as a team. If a team has less than 12 players registering together, GALL will fill the team with individual players. All other individual registrants will be assigned to a team.

There will not be any Saturday games during the Fall season.
Fall Ball is OPEN boundary.
All players will be placed on a team in the division that they register for.

Junior Umpire - Fall 2021

GALL Jr. Umpire Program - Fall 2021
Register to be a Jr. Umpire for the Fall Season. Umpires will be contacted for Gilbert American Little League's umpire training.